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Get your heart rate up and leave in a  sweat. Our cardio classes will rev your metabolism and enhance your mood. These classes are designed to be done both low impact + high impact.  


- Cardio Kickboxing

- Buti 

- CardioCore

- CardioWeights 


Love to flow, practice inversions or just need to sink deep into stretches? Our Yoga classes will leave you feeling open, stretched + strong. Great classes to do the day after an intense workout! 

- YogaWeights


- Flow + Meditate 

- Flow + Restore

Long, lean + toned muscles. Whether it's small weights + high reps or pushing yourself with a heavy weighted curl, these classes will give you the muscle sculpting results you're looking for!  

- Strength + Tone

- CardioWeights

- CardioCore  

- YogaWeights 



521 South Livingston Ave

Livingston, NJ 

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