Yoga and cardio for your health





Cardio is for your heart.  A rigorous aerobic program burns calories real time while strengthening your heart muscle.


Our yoga maximizes your balance, your core and spine strength. Improved flexibility allows you to move with greater ease, with poise and power. 


Function better at jobs with physical demands or make sure your back can handle sitting in a chair all day long.

Run, jump, and play with your kids like you never have before.


Your toddler wants you on the ground, but you need better spine strength and flexibility to function on the floor for longer periods of time.


Better balance prevents falls. 


Muscle conditioning prevents injury, sprains and spasm. 

Our tone and stretch class puts a thin layer of muscle on the surface of your body, thereby increasing your resting metabolism.    


Quiet your mind by taking a break from your problems and your stressors.   Intense exercise gives your mind a rest from its daily worries.


Come ready to sweat, stretch and learn about how we can transform you into a better functioning mind and body.



Cardio + Yoga = fitness synergy