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yoga and cardio for weight loss and wellness, cardiac yoga, the best yoga for health

The CardioVascular System is a four-chambered heart with arteries and veins connected in a closed circuit.  The better the pump works the better your body functions.  The aerobic training we offer is designed to strengthen your heart’s ability to pump blood through out your body.


Our Yoga standing series is focused on balance and flexibility. 


Did you know that falls are the number one cause of injury?  In order of most common to least common: fractured wrist bones are number one, followed by broken ankles, and hip bone trauma comes in third.   Working on your balance throughout life is essential to prevent the serious consequences of falling.


Our Yoga floor series is focused on spine strengthening and flexibility.  Having a strong back is critical in order to handle the rest of our work out routines, but also critical for your activities of daily living.


The most common pain complaint is in the lower back followed by the midback, and then followed by the neck.  We strengthen your lumbar spine, thoracic spine, and cervical spine through carefully selected yoga poses.


We increase your metabolism by developing a thin layer of muscle throughout your body.  Your clothes fit better, your body is firmer, but more importantly enhanced muscle means you are burning more calories even at rest, even while you are asleep.  Your basal metabolic rate goes up.


The mind never stops thinking from the moment you wake up to the moment you fall asleep, and some may argue that it goes on even while you are sleeping.  Anxiety, stress, and even depression originate from an incessant mind focused on rehashing the past or worrying about the future.  Our classes are designed to give your mind a rest.  We play music, our teachers guide you with their words, and the exercises keep you focused on the present moment in our studio.  To flood the mind with this type of experience compels it to take a break from thinking and you feel more relaxed, rejuvinated, and at peace.  By the time you are laying on the mat at the end of our classes, you are in a state of true joy.

The power of Joining 

yoga and CARDIO 

Raise your heart rate and increase your flexability for a workout that improves your health 
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