$59 unlimited classes! 


CARDIOWEIGHTS (cardio + sculpt)

A high intensity cardio workout coupled with weight training will increase your heart rate in sequential intervals. Calories are burned and the cardiovascular system is strengthened. The class ends with a 15 minute Yoga series that brings your body back into balance while strengthening your back and core muscles.

CARDIO KICKBOXING (cardio + sculpt)

This class will have you channeling your inner warrior all while you tone your entire body. You'll use light free weights for added resistance as you jab, cross and kick to upbeat music. A fusion class that blends high intensity kickboxing, with full body sculpting and ends with a stretching cool-down.
Dance Class

BUTI (cardio + sculpt)

Get your heart pumping in this class that blends dance, plyometrics, and vinyasa-style yoga. It's open to all levels and entirely approachable, yet it is still challenging. You'll sweat, tone and stretch! 

YOGAWEIGHTS (yoga + sculpt)

This is our yoga with a twist, where stretching meets sculpting! A Vinyasa style yoga combined with 3lb weights to help build lean muscle all over the body. It will challenge your body, boost your metabolism and strengthen your muscles all at once. 

YOGASCULPT (yoga + sculpt)

This Vinyasa style Yoga will tone your body! You'll flow through this yoga class but be challenged by toning moves which will get your heart rate up and muscles working. You'll strengthen your body and stretch to new places. This class is open to all levels. 

STRENGTH + TONE (sculpt)

This class is a blend of pilates, barre and yoga. Tiny movements that lead to a major burn. This class works the entire body as you sculpt, burn and tone your muscles with results you'll see and feel! This class is barefoot and it open to all levels. 


Enjoy a gentle moving vinyasa flow class that will take you right into restorative poses. The class will include lots of props that will deep into the stretches to release muscle tension and open your joints. Great class for all levels and those your suffer from muscle aches and pains. 


New to meditation?  Our MeditationMassage is the perfect place to start. In this class you'll be guided into a deep meditation to let the mind go while a licensed massage therapist will massage + stretch your body. It is the perfect class for both mental and physical relaxation. 
**Wear long sleeves and socks!