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March 19th

@ 7pm


Essentail oil workshop: Immunity

Join us for an essential oil workshop! During this workshop you will learn all the ways to incorporate essential oils into your life to take care of you both physically and mentally. Whether you suffer from aches + pains in your body or if you lack energy or struggle with sleep... there's an oil for you!

PLUS... this class will specifically focus on our immune system, and how we can use essential oils to combat viruses and germs.

Along with a wealth of knowledge to take care of yourself in a healthy and natural way, each participant will make their own essential oil blend to take home with them!

APRIL 3rd 



Mindful Rolling

Let go and roll in this gentle class that uses various types of balls and other fascial release tools to undo tension in the mind and body. Improve your posture, release trigger points, increase (and maintain) your range of motion in a slow, mindful way designed to allow you to relax and reduce stress.

In this class the focus will be on releasing tension from your glutes and hips! Perfect for anyone suffering from sciatica and tight hips. 

This class is 60 mins long and is being capped at 12 students and requires you to sign up in advance! 

This price for this class is $27. 


May 10th 

@2 PM


Mother's Day Ypga

Join us for this Special Mother's Day Yoga! This class is happening 2-3 PM on Sunday, May 10th. 

Celebrate this special day with your child (aged 8-14) as you learn yoga techniques, build connection and have lots of fun! Enjoy an easy yoga flow, partake in fun partner poses, learn about breath-work and end in restorative poses.


No yoga experience necessary. We are capping this class at 8 Mother/Child pairs. 

Cost is $35 for each pair, additional child is $10 at the door!