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Come Check Out Buti Yoga!

I recently was asked if I was interested in trying a Buti Yoga class. While I am always up for a workout challenge, I tend to be a bit cautious and like to know what I am getting myself into! So as usual, I did a google search to learn more about Buti Yoga and I have to tell you, I can’t wait to try it out!

Buti Yoga was created by celebrity trainer Bizzie Gold, who is well-known in the fitness and wellness industry. Gold has a podcast titled “The Modern Good,” which focuses on accountability and ownership of your thoughts, actions and emotions in order to enact change. Plus, she is a mom of two young children. Where does she gets all her energy?

Buti Yoga?

Which brings me back to my initial research: what is Buti Yoga and is it something that I, a person who is well beyond the age of a millenial, can enjoy?

Buti Yoga is a combination of yoga, strength and cardio. It is a fun and empowering workout that also has a positive and life altering effect on your psyche. The word “Buti” means to cure something within you.  Buti Yoga is known to have a positive effect on your body, mind and soul, the ultimate trifecta in fitness and health!

Buti Yoga reflects the core values of CardioYoga studio. Starting in May, Buti Yoga will be offered at CardioYoga on Thursdays at 9:30 a.m. And this Thursday, May 9, the class is FREE! Space is limited so it is recommended that you sign up in advance here!

Created by me and Al Alban, CardioYoga is emerging as the destination for women’s health and wellness. Adding Buti Yoga to its already extensive line up of classes, helps to keep your body and mind challenged to achieve your best results. New students can take advantage of their $49 unlimited class special and can be purchased here.

Have you experienced Buti Yoga? Meet me at CardioYoga on Thursday and we can try Buti Yoga together! Namaste!

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