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Fitness created by a Doctor.

Updated: Dec 14, 2018

(This article was written by Dr. Alvaro Alban)

The past Spring I launched a CardioYoga studio in Livingston, NJ ( I’m a board certified physician with 15 years experience in emergency medicine.

After so many years of treating injuries sprains, broken bones, heart attacks, strokes, and complications from diabetes, I came to realize that my role in medicine should also include offering people a sound exercise practice that prevents these ailments and many others that I see roll through the Emergency Room.

My experience with aerobics, yoga, and my deep understanding of anatomy, physiology, and the most common causes of injury and disease gave me the tools and the insight to develop the most effective exercise program for long term health and fitness.

The CardioYoga studio combines four different types of classes which together are designed to help you achieve optimal health. The aerobics we practice utilizes HIIT concepts, high intensity interval training. The old concept of doing cardio exercise called for a moderate rise in heart rate and maintaining that heart rate for 30/40 minutes at a time. Interval training by doing HIIT actually improves heart function, the pump works better, the resting heart rate is lowered. The cardiovascular system of heart, arteries, and veins works more efficiently to circulate blood through out the body and especially throughout the heart itself and the brain, the body’s two most important organs, by far.

Yoga is outstanding. Our combination of classes at the Cardio Yoga studio focuses on flexibility training, balance training, and core or spine strengthening.

Falls are the number one cause of injuries as we get older. Even a 40 year old that still looks young does not have the balance he had at age 20. We see write and ankle breaks almost every day in the Emergency Department. Yoga that focuses on balance training will reduce your chances of falling through out life. Death from falls happens in your 70’s and 80’s when you hit your head and suffer a major brain bleed or a hip fracture keeps you in bed and then any number of complications from that can cause death. Balance training through an active Yoga practice is critical.

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