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Message + Meditate to wellness.

At the beginning of this month we sent out a survey asking a few simple questions about meditation. I was excited to see that83% of you are interested in doing more meditation, but you wanted it in 30 minute increments. 

So, I wanted to create a class that would be both equally relaxing for your body and your mind, and that would be enjoyable even if you didn't reach mental zen by the end. Because I get it, meditating can be hard!

Introducing...MeditationMassage, a 30 minute class where you'll be guided to let the mind go while a licensed massage therapist (me!) will massage + stretch your body. 

Because the class is only 30 minutes and I want to make sure everyone in the class gets a good amount of hands-on time,  I have decided to cap each class at 10 participants.

Based on the excitement I've heard about this class so far, I highly suggest you sign-up IN ADVANCE before the classes fill up. 

Also, for the month of February only this class will be FREE!!

This past month I took a course in NYC to learn Thai Massage, where I was properly trained to stretch and massage each of you while you relax on your mat. Additionally I have been practicing massage therapy for almost 4 years. I share this because I always want you to feel comfortable entrusting me to stretch and work on your body. 

The vision behind CardioYoga was to create a space where you can take care of both your body and your mind. A place you look forward to coming to because you'll walk out feeling better than when you entered; may that be from endorphins from your workout, feeling relaxed with a massage or a new sense of calm from meditation. I sincerely hope we are providing that to each of you and that we continue to find new ways for you to enjoy your wellness journey. 

Looking forward to seeing you Thursday night! 


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