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Never skip this during your workout.

Do you “forget” to stretch after your workout? I know, I know, who wants to take the time to stretch after a strenuous workout, especially when you need to rush off to work. But stretching is KEY for your health. As a licensed massage therapist, the most common injuries I see are from clients who workout hard but never stretch.

Let's look at a few reason why stretching is beneficial for your health (list from Diversified Integrated Sports Clinic):

- enhances flexibility

- eliminates lactic acid (the stuff that makes your muscles sore!)

- decreases muscle tension

- prevents injuries

- improves blood circulations

- boosts energy

- increases range of motion

- increases muscle coordination

- mind-body connection

In every one of our CardioYoga classes we end the class with a 15-40 minutes yoga/stretching sequence to restore the muscles you just utilized during the workout. We build the time into our classes because we want YOU to come back in a stronger, more connected and injury-free body!

Read more about why Dr. Alban created this program HERE.

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