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The fitness trends to start doing now

According to Baltimore Magazine research on exercise trends, the fitness world is evolving to focus on “all-around wellness.” It’s clear that people want to tone their body and their mind, moving towards a well-being approach to fitness. At CardioYoga I believe that you can’t take care of your body without giving attention to your mind and spirit.

I spent so many years torturing myself at the gym. Forcing myself to run on the treadmill till I burned the calories I desired. But classes changed that for me, and I realized that fitness didn’t have to be the pit of my day, but the thing I looked forward to. Yoga specifically gave me that mental boost, learning how to align my movements with the breath, and challenging my body to move in new ways forced my mind to let go.

CardioYoga strives to provide classes that are not only challenging to your body, but also incorporate yoga so we take the time to focus on connecting and listening to our bodies. Our studio offers unique classes like MeditationMassage, where you can relax your body and mind while your muscles are stretched and your mind is calmed. Or if you’re looking to really sweat Buti Yoga and CardioWeights classes incorporate HIIT exercises to your heart rate up , but end with an invigorating yoga routine to cool your body down.

Aside from our weekly fitness classes, we also offer monthly workshops where we bring experts of varying lifestyle and wellness fields to share the benefits of essential oils, acupuncture, skincare, meditation, life coaching and more! It’s in these events you’ll learn new tools to live a more calm and balanced life, discover new opportunities for growth and take steps toward becoming the best version of YOU.

Check out our schedule and events page at or follow up @cardioyogastudio on Instagram to see how we can be a part of your wellness journey.

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