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Physical therapy class

An integrative experience to recover from back pain.  

*Major Insurance Carriers Accepted*

Our Solution to Back Pain

Back pain can be crippling and hold us back from living our lives. Our PT Class Series was developed by a Physician and Physical Therapist, and is covered by insurance. This series will alleviate pain, restore muscle health, increase range of motion and give you back control of your life. 

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Personalized Treatment

Our Physical Therapist will provide a Movement Assessment to find the source and cause of your pain. Then our PT or Massage Therapist will perform hands-on treatment, corrective exercises and massage to correct muscle imbalances and body mechanics.   

Group therapeutic exercise

In a small group setting you will be guided by a yoga instructor, with  muscular and skeletal training, through a sequence of corrective exercises. This series will reduce tension, improve flexibility and strengthen back + core muscles. You'll improve your body mechanics to recover and prevent back pain. 

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