Building confidence + self-love in teens...

"I've already seen a difference in my daughter, she's so much calmer."

A VIRTUAL COURSE TO TEACH YOUR DAUGHTER how to manage Stress and anxiety to become the happiest version of herself.

Navigating teen years has never been easy, but today's teens face far more struggles within their social circles, stressors from school curriculum and college acceptance pressures...and the presence of social media has only heightened every fear and insecurity. 


I've it heard it time and time again from mom's like you, your daughters are struggling through these challenges and it's difficult to find the right thing to say or to know the advice they need to hear. 

That's why I created this give your daughters the self-care tools and confidence to handle these stressful times with a calm mindset. 

"Chelsea is so kind to my daughter in the Teen Wellness classes. It has given my daughter a boost in her confidence and a positive role model as well. Priceless outcome!"

SOME OF THE topics we'll tackle...

At the start of the course your daughter will receive her SERENE TEEN workbook. Each week we will meet in a virtual classroom where I will guide your daughters through deep conversations, unique activities, fun quizzes and engaging exercises!


Plus we will have a PRIVATE community where your daughter can chat with me online to ask any question or simply share with me what she is personally experiencing. 


This will be the foundation of the course....understanding our emotions, shifting mindsets and learning how to be proactive vs reactive! 


We'll be creating a self-care routine that will mentally and emotionally keep us calm and build self-confidence! 


When we physically move, our emotions and our mental- state move. We'll be blending yoga, cardio and body toning for a fun workout she can do anywhere! 


Relationships to food are tricky, and the older we get the harder that is to change. We'll create an action-plan when it comes to eating healthy and feeling satisfied. 

HERE'S WHAT MOMs are saying...

"My daughter was so happy with her experience. She looks forward to the next session."

"My daughter spoke highly of the information that

the instructor shared and liked her calm demeanor."

"Chelsea is a great motivating instructor with an amazing personality."

8 class serene Teen course

This course is from April 19th - May 10th 

We will meet virtually on Sundays + Wednesdays, 4:30 - 5:30 PM EST

The cost of our the course is $199

Space is limited to 12 teens (we filled it last time!) 

Call or email for questions...


MEET Chelsea

Chelsea is a teen mindfulness coach and fitness instructor. She is committed to giving teens the BEST tools, resources and mindset shifts that she knows will work. Plus, she'll be with your daughter every step of the way to answers questions, provide guidance and cheer her on.